Is there ever enough time in the day? week? month?

It’s been a crazy week.  It started last weekend with my hubby cutting his hand open.  It was so gross. I thought I would share the grossness with you!  By the way the trip to the ER about sent me over the edge.  I had to go outside towards the end of the visit because I started having some sort of attack.  I got hot and sweaty and felt like I was going to EXPLODE and then loose my lunch. SO here you have it.  I will spare you the close up of his hand. 

Sunday was church.  We always go to my in laws after church on Sundays, well most Sundays.  We had family visiting from out of town so we stayed extra late, I think we got home about 8:30pm.  Here is Macie hanging out with a friend at church.  So cute.

Monday was full of school stuff.  We had Spanish class and science class at our friends house and that’s a long day.  Lot’s going on and lots of running around.  We won’t talk about what happened to that gold fish 🙁

I spend my time during class keeping you all up to date 🙂 Writing blog posts and returning emails, etc.  I am not a cat fan, but our friends have this guy and he hangs out with me from time to time.  He actually kinda makes me want a cat.

Tuesday I had stamp club.  I love stamp club day.  All the ladies that are local come by and pick up their orders and do their make and takes.  I was excited to give them this months make and take.  I shipped out all my long distance make and takes last week.  If you are one of my stamp club members let me know if you didn’t get your make and take kit.

Wednesday I had to run some errands in town.  Town for me is about 40 minutes away.  We don’t have anything more than a Walmart and Kmart where we live.  So if I want to do some decent shopping I have to go further.  I met up with my friend Lori.  She’s the one that helped me design the joy card.  Going out of town for a week is not going to help my situation with getting things done.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and lots of other fun places.

Here we are at Thursday!  WHEW!  We are going to see Shannon in a week and so we are super busy planning and preparing for that.  I hate traveling.  I love the end result, of being where I am but I hate the ordeal.  The packing, the planning, the airports, the GERMS, the security.  The whole thing.  Yes I am a self proclaimed germaphobe.  I hate germs.  To be specific, people germs.  Dirt and animal germs don’t bother me so much.  Ok so my dirty secret is out.  Anyone else have this issue?  Tell me I am not alone people.  Step one in preparing for our adventure is getting the suitcases out of storage.

And then there’s this guy – What does he do all day?  He doesn’t earn his keep at all.  BUT HE’S SO STINKING CUTE!  World, meet Buddy.  The best little dog ever.  He wakes me us every morning by climbing on my stomach and nearly causing me to pee the bed.

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