It’s a funny thing…

It’s a funny thing watching your tiny one leave you and go into the hands of others.  All day long I am now trusting that the people she is with are watching over her, protecting her, correcting her and giving her love.  I spend my days now writing to you and telling you all about the crafts I made and for my demonstrator friends I will now be imparting my pearls of wisdom in regards to this crazy thing we call blogging.  You keep me busy.  You all, my friends. 

I really never thought she would leave and go to school.  I thought we would homeschool forever.  I know what I said.  I said we’d take it a year at a time.  But deep down, I thought we would always homeschool.

Each day I drop her off I kiss her goodbye and tell her how much I love her.  She runs off into the school yard happy, proud and confident.  

So I’ve done well so far.  The child that wants to leave the nest is probably healthier, right?  I shouldn’t take offense to this.  I shouldn’t feel like she is pulling away from me.  Before I know it she will be telling me to drop her off at the gate of the school, so no one sees me.  I shouldn’t feel like crap every time she starts to walk off to that school.  I want to grab her and hold her close and tell her, it’s a big scary world out there and I want you to stay with me, forever.  

The mama bear instincts run strong, don’t they?  They are unlike any other feeling you have ever had.  Your need to protect, and love and nurture this little bear is the strongest need you’ve ever had.

As I sat in my car yesterday and watched her run off into the great big school (which is really little).  I thought I am so sad to watch her go.  But I am so happy that she is BRAVE enough to leave me.  Even if for a few hours.  Which to me feels like an eternity some days.  I am so glad that she has mastered this life skill of being without me.  

Without complaint we will get up again tomorrow and repeat it all over again.  Each day will be a little easier for me I think.  Besides, I have you guys to hang out with.  My interweb family.  My friends.  I am so glad you are here.

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6 thoughts on “It’s a funny thing…”

  1. Aw, Wendy, it will get easier!!You have done a fabulous job with her. Your job is not done, she still needs you to help her, teach her and guide her. And she always will! You are just sharing your wonderful daughter with the world now!! Trust me, there WILL be a day when you will be glad to see her leave for school!! LOL

  2. Even though I don’t have any kids yet, I am a total mama bear so I can only imagine how I will be once I have my own. You *have* done a good job, Wen! You should be very proud of yourself and the smart, strong, confident, polite girl you have!



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