I’ve Moved

Hey guys!

I know it’s been a few days since I posted. Sorry about that. I am moving to my new craft studio and it’s taking longer than anticipated.

In between cooking, homeschooling and navigating the new normal I’ve been trying to move and just haven’t been able to craft.

My hope and goal is that I will be able to start crafting again this coming week.

Until then I thought I would share a few photos of my new space. I am not really ready to share all the details yet of where I got everything, etc. I will though soon! I just have to get my act together first LOL.

One of the reasons I haven’t shared my new space very much is I don’t have all the furniture yet. IKEA is closed and until they reopen I can’t get some of the pieces I need to finish my space.

Things are definitely in places they won’t be permanently.

However, my stamp sets are staying put on those gorgeous shelves. They were custom made by a friend of ours.

I hope to be back making projects and sharing videos really soon!



  1. Linda L says

    Hey Wendy, It looks real nice! Great job by all involved. It just won’t be complete until you’ve messed it up a bit. hahah Take care and be safe.

  2. CaroleAnn says

    Wendy, I am just loving what I already see in this little bit!!! I crave a space like that and it makes you more apt to keep your mojo going and create when you are not jammed into a small area. But I am still thankful that I have a room – I just have too much!!! LOL
    Looking forward to your return to crafting – but take your time – no worries – just enjoy the process of this blessed project. XXOO

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