Jars of Love: Capture a Lightening Bug

Create a beautiful summer night scene and your own lightening bug jar with the Jars of Love stamp set and framelit set from Stampin' UP! Wendy Cranford luvinstampin.com

Happy Wednesday!

I created this magical card today with memories of my youth.  Most of my card designs are derived from a place inside me that I miss, or that I feel strongly about.

This card design was based off of a night that I spent in North Carolina.

Picture it! Circa 2000.  I was married (to my first husband).  I was SO young.  I mean we are talking 18 ya’ll.  He was in the army, we were stationed in North Carolina.  I rarely talk about this because frankly there are so few good memories that I hate to bother.  HOWEVER, there were a few good memories.

I longed for my family.  I was so incredibly lonely.  I was unhappy and frankly felt like I had made the biggest mistake of my life.  A dear friend of my family knew this.  She called her family who happened to live in rural North Carolina and she asked if my husband and I could come visit them.  Thankfully, they obliged.

We left out on a drive to this place.  I remember being nervous and apprehensive about meeting people I had never met, but I was so willing to take the risk for a moment of the feeling of being home, or belonging.

Much to my delight.  It was the best evening I ever spent in North Carolina.  The family was amazing, kind, loving, welcoming.  Just like my family would be.  We sat around a fire pit in their backyard, we talked and they had the most charming southern accent.  I was home.  Their love and warmth comforted me.

As if the night couldn’t get better something magical happened.  I looked out to the night sky and it was warm and the air was fresh and smelled like freshly cut grass.  Then across the backyard I saw it.  Flickering little lights in the weeds far off from the house.

I said “Hey do you guys see that!?”  They laughed and said “Yeah, those are lightening bugs”

Create a beautiful summer night scene and your own lightening bug jar with the Jars of Love stamp set and framelit set from Stampin' UP! Wendy Cranford luvinstampin.com

I was entranced.  Captivated by these bugs.  I had never seen such a sight.  They lit up the grass and I had to try and catch some.  They were beautiful.  And for a moment there in that backyard in North Carolina I was a little girl again, the age I was actually supposed to be.

It was the best night I ever spent in North Carolina.  So when I created this card, I created it with that feeling in my heart.  The safety and joy I felt that evening.

I hope you enjoy the video:


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8 thoughts on “Jars of Love: Capture a Lightening Bug”

  1. What a fabulous card, Wendy! Takes me back to a visit with my nephew and niece in the Lancaster area of PA a few summers ago. Across the street from their house there was a lot full of trees and the trees were lit up like it was Christmas….with lightening bugs. They were just twinkling their little hearts out. We were mesmerized! My husband and I talk about going back and bringing some of them home to MI. We have lightening bugs here, but nothing like what we saw in PA. Good memories for me, too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wendy, I really enjoyed your story and this video! What a cute card! I’m going to have to try this! I was thinking your background technique will make a wonderful Halloween background! Thank you for your creative ideas!

  3. Pure perfection!! Thank you so much for making the video and sharing your story. Love them both! NC is full of great folks.

  4. Wendy, I saw your gorgeous card on SCS and wanted to check out your post for more information. First, your story is very touching and pulled at my heart strings! Glad life is good for you now. As for the card, I love the video and thoroughly enjoyed your instructions! Great card and video!! TFS!

  5. Wendy as usual, that is the cutest card ever, I’m a big Halloween fan. I love everything about Halloween and these stamps are amazing can’t wait to get them, I have my catalog all marked up in red. I definitely want the cookie cutter punch and of course the cookie cutter Halloween stamps…..

    Good Job!!!

  6. Card is so cute! My kids were absolutely fascinated when we were in Illinois watching lightning bugs. I most definitely am going to try this card. Thanks for sharing!


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