Loving our veterans…

So today’s post is a bit heavy.  But it’s necessary.  I believe that if we do not talk about this it goes forgotten and looked over and pushed away somewhere because it’s too hard to think about.  Today I want to thank all of our veterans.  Those that are still here, forever changed by war, and those that we have lost. 

My family is full of great men that have served this nation.  I am going to share them with you because they deserve to be remembered.  They deserve to have a blog post written about them.

My sweet Grandpa served his country in WWII.  Thank you Grandpa.  We appreciate your sacrifice.  He is still with me and I am so thankful.

My cousin Kyle.  Kyle served two tours, first in Iraq and again in Afghanistan.  Thankfully and prayerfully Kyle is still with us.  Forever changed, but still here.  He recently got married and had his first child.  Thank you Kyle for serving our nation.  

My Uncle RH.  Served in the Korean War.  He is passed away several years ago but lived a good life. He returned from war changed.  Thank you for your service RH.  We miss you.  My Grandma gave me his flag and I keep it on my curio in the living room.  I think of him often.

Jason.  Jason is a cousin.  I never had the pleasure of meeting Jason.  Jason made the ultimate sacrifice and was killed in combat.  His Mama Rosemary misses him dearly, as would any Mama.  I can’t imagine how she feels and the pain that she must be left with.  Jason requested to be buried with his comrades in Arlington Cemetery, and so he was.  You are missed dearly Jason and thought of often.  Thank you for your sacrifice.

God bless our veterans.  God bless our soldiers that are still in active duty.  I pray for your safety and for your peace often.

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4 thoughts on “Loving our veterans…”

  1. This was a beautiful and very touching post, Wendy. I, too, pray every day for all of our military, the soldiers as well as those making the tough decisions that may or may not keep us embroiled in battles. Thank you for writing such a nice tribute to these men and women.


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