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Stampin' UP! offers a wide variety of markers for coloring and creating stunning handmade cards.

There's plenty of options depending on what you like to do the most.

Markers are something to be collected, in my opinion. But if I had to choose one kind of marker I would pick Stampin' Blends.

Stampin' Blends color beautifully, they are easy to use and blend great on Stampin' UP! Basic White thick cardstock.

I have created labels to go on the end of your Stampin' Blends. CLICK HERE to purchase the PDF download now.

Stampin' Write Markers

+ water based markers

+ used to color directly on stamps

+ watercolor by coloring on a clear block and picking up with a brush

+ can be re-inked

+ come in every Stampin' UP! color

Stampin' Blends Markers

+ alcohol based markers

+ not made to color directly on stamps

+ perfect for blending and creating scenes

+ easy to use

+ not refillable

+ can be used to color on embellishments