Masking Tips and Tricks Color Splash 25

Today I have some masking tips and tricks for you. I’ve also got the gorgeous Color Splash 25 to share.

Color Splash 25 with masking tips & tricks

While I am excited to share the masking tips and tricks first I have to share this bit of news.

Oh my gosh you guys! I have had major, MAJOR computer problems. Did I say major?

I upgraded to a new operation system and 2020 hit again. So I am using my laptop to write this blog post.

But I can’t get a video put up on YouTube yet. I’m very frustrated but hang in there with me.

So say a prayer for me and my computer. Hopefully I’ll get it all fixed up soon (like tomorrow)

Ok back to my masking tips and tricks.

Masking tips and tricks featuring Press On stamp set from Stampin' UP!

I love this card so much. And I have some tips for you.

TIP: Stamp whatever image you want to appear at the front first. Mask this image by stamping the image on masking paper and then cutting it out. Cover the image on your card with masking paper and stamp your other images right over the top.

Mask a shape and blend ink in the opening.

How cute is this little seal!? So cute is the correct answer.

TIP: Cut a piece of masking paper the same size as the surface of your cardstock. Diecut a shape out of the masking paper. Add the masking paper to the cardstock and ink blend in the open shape area.

Make your other half a Christmas card using some fun stamps from Stampin' UP!

This card is meant to feel like a love card. In fact I am pretty sure I am giving this one to my hubby for Christmas.

TIP: Cut masks for both mugs in order to mask and allow for ink blending around the images.

Those are today’s masking tips & tricks. I intended to share more but between the holiday and my computer issues I have had little to no time.

I’m on day 3 of trying to fix my regular computer which is where all my editing software is. Again, prayers appreciated.

Masking Tips & Tricks Stampin’ UP! Supply List:


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All 10 prizes will be drawn at our live event on the Facebook live on December 4th.

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