Mass Producing Simple Thank You Cards

Mass producing cards of hope for health care workers and friends and family,

Today I have some tips on mass producing simple cards.

I wanted to create some thank you cards for health care workers, grocery store workers, postal employees, and a few people who have helped me out during this time.

Creating rainbows for cards of hope.

I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for the amazing community I live in and the kindness I have seen people show.

Mass producing cards can be very therapuetic. I find that when I am stuck creatively sometimes mass producing cards can break that creative block and get my creative juices flowing again.

Here are some tips for mass producing cards.

mass production tips for card making

Here’s the one thing about mass producing cards. For me, it gets boring really quick. So I have to come up with a couple of designs and then mass produce a few different designs.

Butterfly Gala cards using mass producing cards tips

You might also notice that these cards are all very simple. Keep them simple so it’s easier to make them quickly.

I limit the colors that I use in order to cut down on time as well.

close up of butterfly thank you card for healthcare workers and friends.

I have two videos for you today!

The first video here is a Facebook Live replay and the second video is my Butterfly card.

Here’s the second video:

The number one item to have for mass producing cards is the Stamparatus. You can purchase it by clicking HERE. It’s a small investment but so worth it. Click here to see another video using the Stamparatus.

Rainbow Card Stampin’ UP! Supply List

Butterfly Card Stampin’ UP! Supply List

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