Merry Christmas

Today I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who I know to be my Lord and Savior.  I celebrate love and family and hope and peace.  All the things Jesus is to me.

We are living in uncertain times, with continual struggles that seem to sometimes be the most daunting and overwhelming struggles our world has ever seen.

I turn to God and pray for strength.  I pray that God will equip me with energy and faith that will be a light in this world of darkness.  My goal is to deliver these things to you every week through my videos and blog posts and my social media posts.

Although I work for Stampin’ UP! and I do hope for sales and ways to earn an income doing what I love, I do this mostly for the moments that I get a message telling me someone that is suffering was uplifted for just a few minutes by a video I created making a card.

Each year from Christmas to New Years I become very reflective.  Not just of the year, but of life in general.

I am truly blessed to be living a dream creating and crafting.  I have a “job” that blesses me and blesses others and I can’t express in words my gratitude to God and to all of you that support me in my dream.

I am sending you so much love this Christmas Day.  I pray you find peace and love and joy and strength.

Find joy in life friends, no matter your struggle, always find joy.  It’s always there waiting for you to discover it and live in it.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from me and mine.   May the blessings of this special day be with for the year to come.

9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. And this is what I love about Wendy – Your love for God. With God first, all other things will fall into place.
    You are an inspiration in my life.
    May God bless you and your family in the coming year.

  2. And a Merry Christmas to you and yours, and all good wishes for a happy, healthy 2018. I enjoy your videos and the cards that you make. Keep up the good work!

  3. Belated Christmas wishes! I too celebrated the birth of my Lord and Savior! This is also what I like about you, that you are a witness to others. I also enjoy your videos and your honesty about the products you sell. I hope you have a wonderful 2018!

  4. I’m truly bless to have you in my life, I too celebrate the birth of my lord. I love that you are a true Christian. God Bless from my family to yours. I also love that you are honest and true when describing the products that Stampin up sells…
    Happy New Year and I pray for everything good in 2018!!!

  5. Merry Christmas! One of the reasons I buy from you is your openness about your faith, it speaks to me. I love your honesty and willing to proclaim your love of God, so needed in our world. Prayers for a wonderful 2018! Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

  6. Merry Christmas to your and yours Wendy!!
    I am thankful that we can celebrate the birth of the Christ child, that we can get a glimpse if His perfect love,peace and hope for all of us who know Him as Lord and Savior. Most of all, that it is never too late to come to know Him, to live in His love and grace.
    I pray also that our business becomes a light shining in a confused world. I pray our creations are received in just the right planned time that will lift the spirits of many across our land, far and wide. That many will look up and see Him in our cards and designs.
    I pray also for each and everyone of us to have the strength to get this all done for Him.
    God bless you and your family today and every day!!

  7. Wendy,
    Thank you for your testimony and love for Jesus Christ, and Christmas greeting! I love reading your Stampin’ Up emails and creative ideas. Hugs and wishes for the new year!
    A fellow sister in Christ and Stampin Up demonstrator,
    Verna Mullen


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