Mini Album for The Swim Kid

Create a mini album for your little sports enthusiasts. Simple and easy to do with the Project Life 6x8 project pages and albums from Stamipn' UP! Wendy Cranford


Today I have something a little different happening.  I actually need your help!

I am trying to figure out the best way to document and store my daughters stuff from swimming.  If she continues swimming at the rate she is now we will be having a large collection of goodies over the years.

Please watch my video and feel free to offer up in advice or suggestions you may have for storage of her ribbons and tracking stuff.

Thank you 🙂



  1. Pamela Wooten says

    On the ribbons, could you trim off a bit of the bottom, under where there are a row of stars, “Second Place”, and another row of stars, with pinking shears, so it would be a little shorter, and you might be able to close the envelope flap then? Not a mom, so that’s my only idea, sorry!

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