More Craft Room Organizing

Today we are doing more craft room organizing. We are diving into the drama that prefaced this video, and then we are going to get some stuff done.

I hope you enjoy and make sure to leave me a comment about how your craft room refresh is going.


In the video I mention a few different things I use in my craft space.

We will start with organization. Stamp N Storage is my favorite company for craft room storage options. In the video I mention that I would show you my die cut holders and then I forgot to do that. I’ve included a photo here for you to see how I store my die cuts.

Die cut storage system for craft room organizing


I want to share about my photography stuff for a minute or two. There are usually a lot of questions from other demonstrator friends and creators about my set up.

Replica Surfaces are the backdrops I use. I really like these and I have found them to be the most useful and sturdy for photos. They are a more pricey option but they will last forever. As a less expensive option you can use foam boards and wrap them with paper. I find this to be useful but they will get beat up over time and you’ll have to make new ones.

The lights I share in my video are from Amazon. I give credit to fellow demo, Katina, for sharing this tip with me. These lights are fabulous. CLICK HERE to purchase the lights.

I hope you enjoyed part 3 of the craft room refresh. There’s more to come so make sure to visit me again soon.


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