Ms Manners says Clean Your STAMP ROOM!

Who doesn’t hate cleaning? Ok, so I don’t hate it, but I can think of other things I’d rather do, like stamp.  Today I have 5 tips on cleaning your stamp supplies and stamping area.  Hopefully this will cut down on your cleaning time like it has mine!

You can order a Stampin’ Scrubber HERE.  I use to use baby wipes and I have to say I LOVE the new scrubber. It’s so much faster and easier to use than baby wipes. (Keep wipes around for your hands)
I use Dawn Liquid Dish Soap to wash my clear blocks.  This gets the oil from your hands off the blocks that builds up over time.  This will also help your clear mount stamps stick better.  DO NOT USE A SPONGE especially an abrasive one to clean the blocks. I learned the hard way that it ruins your blocks.  Just use warm water and the soap and they will clean up beautifully.

I have spilled reinker a time or two.  Mr Clean Magic Erasers is the only thing I have found that will get 100% of the dye out of the surface you spilled on.  NOTE: This will not work for fabrics, just hard surfaces.

If you have great stamping cleaning tips I’d love to hear them.  Leave a comment on this blog post to share them with me!

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