My 4 Secret Tips To Never Get Stuck Again

So often it’s easy to lose your “creative mojo”. For me it happens most often in the winter months when it’s cold and dreary weather. I get the winter blues and crafting usually helps, however sometimes I struggle to get going.

Here are my 4 secret tips to help you never get stuck again. These are my tried and true tricks to keep me crafting.

My first tip is visit Pinterest. If you haven’t already follow me on Pinterest. I have thousands of ideas there to help you get inspired. There are millions and millions of contributors on Pinterest with fantastic ideas.

Tip number two, take a class! I have taken so many cardmaking classes and continue to take them. We never stop learning. I have a Mega Fun Fold Class coming out on February 8th and you can CLICK HERE to sign up now.

The third tip, create an idea or sketch book. I love to sit down and sketch ideas and write out things on my mind that I’d like to try and create. You can use a simple spiral notebook or a fun sketch book.

Last but certainly not least, go back to basics. If there is a favorite technique you love, use it. If you’re in a rut just create with that technique and pretty soon you’ll be making cards and the ideas will be flowing.

Mega Fun Fold Class Info

My Mega Fun Fold Class Volume 1 will be the perfect class for you. No matter if you’re experienced at fun fold cardmaking or just getting started you’re doing to love this class.

Choose How To Join Us Today:

  1. Purchase the class and have it forever CLICK HERE class fee is $45
  2. Be a member of the Creative Vault CLICK HERE, this class is included in the Creative Vault membership ($14.95 a month)

What You Get:

  • + Multiple videos for each fold
  • + Some folds with multiple fold ideas
  • + Full color and photo printable PDF
  • + Access to printables for creating your own Fun Fold binder and resource library
  • + Guest contributors who are amazingly talented
  • + Added bonus – USE YOUR STASH, no additional purchases needed to create with this class

I personally teach you how to make every single fold in this class. I hope you’ll join us.

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