My Debt Horror Story (Demonstrator Thursday)


When I was a kid I was well cared for.  There is no questioning that.

However, we lived on very meager means.  Often having to live with my grandparents or aunt to make it through.

Teaching about debt really wasn’t a priority.

In my young adult years I got into a lot of credit card debt.

After finding Dave Ramsey I began a journey to fixing the mess I had made.  Which, by the way, if you are in financial distress, please please please, buy this book.  It will be the best money you spend.  I promise.

Following Dave’s 7 steps for getting out of debt saved my life.

Then I stumbled again when I started my Stampin’ UP! business.

In today’s video I talk about the pitfalls of debt with your business and hopefully you’ll learn from my mistakes.

I also have some tips on how to get rid of the debt you might have created in your business.




  1. Helene says

    Thanks for your honesty. We too have gone through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace years ago and became debt free. I highly recommend it. There’s a sense of freedom like no other. I set up my Stampin’Up account like you, without a credit card. As a hobbiest I deposit an allowance. Monthly. So for me it’s about self control and pacing my purchases.

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