Well I decided to turn my huge gigantic boo boo into a funny!  So if you missed my last 25 posts here they ALL ARE!!!!!! If you missed what I did.. well I managed to delete my last 25 blog posts.
(ok, so it’s not all 25 here but it’s a brief recap)
We are going to start current and work backwards… ARE YOU READY!!!!!

Here are some videos for you!
Collage Curious Card

Notepad Covers

Spring Catalog 2013 Share

Here are some photos of SALE A BRATION SAMPLES for you!
Every $50 you spend earns you a free items from the SALE A BRATION flyer.  These cards all have something on them from the sale a bration flyer 🙂

Ok, that’s it.. I am tired of this!  We are just going to move forward folks! HA!  

There’s all kinds of other stuff I posted, but truthfully I don’t have it in my to recreate them all.  
Blogging is really cool, but it’s a LOT of work.  So when something like this little oopsy happens it really sucks!

Ok I am done, you will no longer hear me complaining, why because it gets ya no where!

Have a fantastic day everyone… STAY TUNED FOR TUESDAY’S AWESOME POST!



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