My Surprise Bonus in July & New Budget Worksheets

On the first of each month I log on to the Stampin’ UP! demonstrator website and I look at the previous months income.

I have learned to wait until the 1st of the month to go back and look because you never know what will happen in the night and change your income.

For those that don’t know, your downline overrides, volume rebates and bonuses are paid the following month after they are earned.

This month I got a big surprise. When I went to bed on July 31st my bonuses were at $1400 and when I woke up they were $2000. Praise the Lord! It was a very exciting thing to wake up to and very unexpected.

It always feels a little weird to talk about these things and share them. My biggest worry is that it would ever sound boastful. But the truth is, I feel called to share because I want people to know that you can earn money doing something you love and by helping others do what they love.



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