Octobers Budget Planning

Today is demonstrator Thursday.

I haven’t been able to get a video up in a while but finally got this one put together.

This month I am setting up my budget and preparing for success.

I have let my budgeting and expense tracking slip. It happens. Even to those that are diligent. Life happens.

Since it’s the new Stampin’ UP! year I really wanted to recommit to this and make sure that I am tracking my spending and planning my budget and finances for the month.

If you are interested in tracking your business income and expenses and you need a great place to do that, the Business Budget Workbook is perfect for you.



  1. Cheryl says

    Couple of questions.
    How do yo schedule your weekly income from SU? Mine is all different days of the week. I called SU and they said it depends on when the online orders come in and when the workshops come in?
    I have two items i am not sure if they go on the Team Budget Page or regular expense page. First is training I get from R Wade that is monthly for running a team meeting. Second is when I use my Paper Pumpkin like this month for holders to give to team at the meeting filled with candy.
    I am really excited to start this new year out learning where my money is going…. all though I suspect I give too much to my team. Need to see first. Thanks Cheryl Noble

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