Organization is… What I love about Sundays

Have you ever had a drawer in your house or craft room that bugged the crud out of you every single time you opened the thing!???  I DO… and HERE IT IS

Notice how the markers in the front of the drawer are all jammed in there and you have no clue what color family they are or anything?  Oh that bugs me!

Each container that has markers in it is WAY to big and they are crumpling each other up.  This is one of THOSE projects that I always think, I need to fix that and then I never do because there are more pressing matters at hand!

Well a nice Sunday evening is perfect for something like this.  Last Sunday night my little girl was desperate to use my “special markers”.  So while I supervised her usage of the markers I sat and made boxes for them to go in.

Here she is starting her Chrsitmas cards.  She got two done. By the way I was informed during this color session that she will need to use these again to finish her cards!

AND HERE WE HAVE IT!  The Grand Finale!  A beautiful and organized marker drawer.  I used the Simply Scored to create the boxes.  I cut an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper to 11″ x 6″.  Scored at 2″ and 9″ on the long side and 2″ and 4″ on the short side then I just put them together. I used paper from each of the color families and added labels.  I love how the drawer looks and feels when I open it now 🙂

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