Organize Your Framelits

organize framelits

After several attempts at finding the best way to organize my framelits, I finally settled on this option.

It works.  I can see my framelits clearly through the envelopes and they are organized in a fashion that I can access them quickly.

After working on this I realized that I made a major typo!  Can you find it??  LOL It’s pretty funny.

organize framelits 1

I really love this organization system for my framelits.  You can see my video below and the links to all the items I purchased are in the description of the video.  Due to some technical difficulties I wasn’t able to add the supply items to this blog post.  Sorry about that.

13 thoughts on “Organize Your Framelits”

  1. Thanks for the great tips on storing framelits! I went and bought some of the magnetic vent covers and was wondering if you could tell me what size you cut yours. I want to do it right! Thanks!

  2. Well, I thought I had the perfect system, but yours is better. Where did you get the clear envelopes? I know you said Avery but I was not able to find them on their website. Do you have an order number, quantity in package, and price? I enjoy and really learn from your blog. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Susan,
      The link to the clear Avery Elle envelopes is in my description on the video. Just click on show more and you will see the link there.

  3. I don’t see in the video how you store the SU dies that are too wide for the Avery Elle sleeves?

    I love this way and had resisted changing because the SU dies already come in very nice plastic envelopes, BUT, after I switched my SU dies now take up half as much space.

    Thanks so much for the video!

    • Hi Tami,
      Sorry I haven’t responded until now. I just don’t use a sleeve for them, I keep them in the original package and store them just behind the box.

  4. How many magnetic cut sheets do you get from one uncut sheet? It will help me order the correct amount.

    Also, Tami had a good point…how do you store the SU dies that are too big for the Avery Elle sleeves? Ie; the treat bag thinlits, or the circle card thinlit dies?

    Love you vids and website.

    • You can get 3 of them out of one sheet, so 9 in a pack I think. I just don’t worry about storing the ones that are too big. I simply just leave them in the original package and then store them behind the box.

      Thank you for all your kind comments!


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