Our Spring Break Argument and Stuff To Come

We had the best time over spring break. My hubby and I and the kiddo all had time off together. I think this is the first time in a long time we really just were together all at the same time and relaxed.

I think we should make it spring break tradition, to simply take time off but stay home and relax and rejuvenate with a couple of day trips thrown in the mix.

One of our days during spring break we took off to Monterey and Carmel Beach California. Only 3 hours from home and I can’t believe we don’t go more often. It’s so beautiful and relaxing.

Carmel Beach is a fantastic beach for dogs and Truvy got her first trip to the ocean. The water is really cold but just over the feet and paws isn’t too terrible.

Easter Sunday we had a small gathering of close family and relaxed. Last Easter we didn’t gather at all and it was pretty depressing. So we were happy to have a small group this year.

We also did some yard work and got in a disagreement, if you will, over something my husband wants to add to the yard. I’m over here, like, NO, it’s going to be dumb. Watch the video and let me know what you think.

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9 thoughts on “Our Spring Break Argument and Stuff To Come”

    • I agree. Let your hubby have his bridge. I think it will be useful and unique and you will score points for letting him have his way. I was married for 48 years and 8 months, so I know..

  1. I think it would be a nice feature to the yard and easy access to the pool. You won’t need to worry about getting dirt or rocks on your feet either . Plus having a deck makes for a relaxing area by the pool.


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