Paper Pumpkin + Crawdads

paper pumpkin june

Isn’t this month’s Paper Pumpkin adorable?

I love the cards.  I always like the kits that are either general in nature or birthday related.

Let’s face it we need more thank you’s and birthday cards than anything else right!?

I took some photos of my kit and thought I would share this months with you.

You can sign up to get Paper Pumpkin delivered to your door every month by clicking HERE.

paper pumpkin cards june

Sharing my life with you is what I love best. 

My hubby and I went with two of our dearest friends Laura + Zlatan to the Crawdad Festival in Iselton this last weekend.

We had a great time.  We ate, are you ready for this?

Alligator, Frog legs, Crawdads, Catfish, BBQ’ed Oysters, Cajun Chicken Wings, Beignet’s, and I topped all that off with Ice cream coated in chocolate sauce.  

Yes my stomach did hurt the whole rest of the day.  It was a unbutton your pants kind of evening.





We had a blast. Hope your weekend was fabulous.



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