Planner Play & Review of Planner Supplies

planner collage

Have you seen the obsession with planners lately?

I have had an Erin Condren Planner the last two years.  However, I have not been using stickers and making my planner fancy and basically making decorating my planner a second hobby.

Until NOW! haha.  Yep I have jumped right on the train.  Full speed ahead.

I decided I would put together a one stop shop for you.  A place to come and see all the cool stuff you can get for planners (specifically the Erin Condren Planner).

Join us in the craze.  Staying organized and planning your life has never been so much fun.

What to write with:

Best pens ever are the Pilot FriXion pens.  You can purchase them on Amazon HERE.


I also love inkjoy pens for taking notes.  They write really nice and the grip fits my hand nice.


Sticker Mania:

These stickers are from Planner Candy.  Great shop.  They arrived really quick and they are so fun to put throughout your planner for weekly inspiration.  You can purchase these stickers HERE.

bible stickers planner review

Life Stickers seems to be a great shop.  The stickers came in a timely manner and are very easy to use.  You have to use a sharpie to write on them though because they have a laminated surface.   You can purchase these stickers HERE.

bill due stickers planner review

Here are more Life Stickers.  I got some for swimming too since Macie is on swim team.  You can purchase these stickers HERE.   I purchased a few other random ones from Life Stickers.  You can see those HERE.

Life Stickers Planner Review

I need Pinterest stickers because I need to be reminded to Pin.

pinterest stickers planner review

I love these Chalkboard Phone Stickers.  You can purchase them from Planner Gems store HERE.

Planner Gems Stickers Planner Review


Planner Decorations:

I love all things Disney.  So when I saw this planner charm.  I got my Mickey inspired planner charm from Crafters Retreat.  Isn’t it adorable?

plannercharm disney

Since I got the charm I felt it only appropriate to get matching paper clips.  Macie begged for two of them.  Of course I obliged.  Because what girl doesn’t need disney paper clips!?  You can buy them HERE.


Post It’s and Tabby things: 

These are by far the best find.  They are so extremely useful and fit nicely into my planner.  I would say of all the stuff I posted this is a must have.  Redi-Tag Divider Sticky Notes, on Amazon.

post it tabs

I really love these tab dividers also because they are reposition able and reusable if you use eraseable ink on them. You can order them on Amazon HERE.

post it tabs individual


Let’s not forget the planners and cool stuff you can get on  Here are the life planners, this is what I use.  You can purchase your planner HERE, using my referral link.

erin condren planner

You can purchase the new Erin Condren Planner as early as June 9th.  This is when they release the new planners.  You can get them with an 18 month calendar so that you don’t have to wait another 6 months to use your planner. 🙂 YAY!

ecplanner june 9

There are a few things I would highly recommend getting from Erin Condren’s website.

I love the new perpetual calendar.  You can write in everyone’s bdays and anniversaries and then just move it to your planner the next year.  Great feature.  Who wants to rewrite that info year to year.  It’s a perfect size and works great.  You can order them HERE.

perpetual calendar

The pen holder is a great accessory to have.  It keeps your favorite pen close by and allows you to have a pen handy when you need it.  You can order it HERE.

penholder erin condren

Last but not least.  I love my planner band.  It keeps my planner shut and works great.  You can order a set of the HERE. (they also come in handy for your hair if you are in a pinch)

planner bands

I have a video for you where I walk you through my planner and how I use it.  I hope you enjoy.  If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today!  Before I leave I want to say I am sending out some happy mail in the coming week to some random people that are on my email list.

If you aren’t on my email list make sure you sign up by adding your name and email below.  I will contact you for your address if you are a winner 🙂


This blog post includes affiliate links. This means I might earn a commission when you click on the links, but there is no additional cost to you. No one has paid me to use specific products, I share what I love and hope you enjoy.

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