Planning my Planners and Summer & GIVEAWAY

How to avoid going crazy this summer with your kids. Tips for WAHM and crazy kids Wendy Cranford

Well, summer vacation is in full swing here at the Cranford house.  The kiddo is out of school and the sleeping in and lacking motivation has begun.  For me and her.

Does anyone else have what I call, summer time lazy’s?  I just want to have fun and do fun things, I have a hard time focusing and with Macie home all day it makes it even worse.  (the focusing part)  All it takes is for her to say, Mom let’s go do something fun and I am like…. OK responsibilities out the window…. let’s go be 8!

Then reality hits.  I have 4 card swaps to finish, I have blog posts to write, videos to record and put up on you tube, I have PEP Club treasurer responsibilities, someone still has to cook, clean, do the laundry and manage all the family activities and, oh yeah, pay the bills.

Which brings me to planning for summer phase 1.

This year I decided going into summer I HAD to have a good plan.  Not just for me and running my business but for Macie too.  If you work at home you know what it’s like to have a kiddo interrupt you all the time, or to feel like the “bad mom” by saying “go play I have to work” or even worse “go watch TV I am busy” GULP.  The mom guilt sets in the minute those things come out of my mouth.  And if you are the mom saying these things, this is a mom shame free zone, you are doing your best sister, so no judgement here.

I just knew I wanted to avoid some of my normal summer statements, and make this summer super happy and productive for everyone.

I started with planning what I would have Macie do each day.  She has swim in the morning but there are other things I lined up.  For example, I enrolled her in a  summer reading program through University of Pacific and I printed off some summer rules and things she had to do each day before she could get on any electronics.


SUMMER RULES DOCUMENTS (free printables)

9 tips for keeping your cool this summer. Summer planning for the busy mom and happy kids Wendy Cranford

When I went over all of this different stuff with her she responded “Well this summer, isn’t going to be what I thought” HAHAHA! I may have overwhelmed her a bit.

I reassured her there would be plenty of fun things to do too.  But daily we needed a plan so we didn’t go crazy. (ok, so I didn’t go crazy and turn into the lunatic mom that ended up in a ball on the floor crying)  All you moms with more than one kid spend your summer refereeing fights, and I spend my summer being my kids sibling, friend and only other human to interact with except for the occasional friend over.

That brings me to phase 2.  ME.  I needed a better planning system for my business.  Luckily Stampin’ UP! released their awesome planner which is exactly what I needed.  I am now using the new Stampin’ UP! planner for my blogging and team tracking and my regular Erin Condren planner for all my other stuff.  Both planners are filled with business stuff, but only my EC has my personal stuff.  The Stampin’ UP! one is ONLY for blogging and team tracking.

You can watch my videos below, yes I said videos, for all the details on how I am using both planners.

Be sure to listen in video 1 for the giveaway details.  If you want to purchase the Stampin’ UP! planner you can order it today by clicking HERE.


I am giving away two goody bags with planner fun in them.  Stickers, perpetual calendar, etc.  If you want to win just leave a comment here on my blog.  It’s that easy.   I will choose two winners next Friday!


37 thoughts on “Planning my Planners and Summer & GIVEAWAY”

  1. Hi Wendy, Great Video! I’ve decided to use a Planner as I have so many doctor appointments and tests, etc. This is totally new to me, so I am grateful to you for doing these videos.

  2. Hi Wendy. Thanks for all the great tips and beautiful card ideas. You inspire me every time. Love all your videos!!! X

  3. Hi Wendy,
    I love the idea of a planner, but haven’t committed to one just yet. I also love the ideas for summer at home with kids. I do remember the “mixed” feelings of having my kids home for the summer. I am a grandmother of 7 and will pass on your tips to my three daughters to help make their summers the best they can be with their kids. Thanks for taking time out of your busy summer life to make these videos.

  4. Thanks for the showing a close up look at the planner pages. I have seen several videos on how to assemble but really wanted to get a visual of how it looks when used. Thank you.

  5. Whew – it made me tired just reading about your hectic summer! I really need to start using a planner – I haven’t done a great job keeping up with dates and appointments. Those random pieces of receipts with my appointments keep disappearing in my purse. You have inspired me to try and get organized and at least try out a planner

  6. Hey Wendy great job keeping motivated. That’s my biggest problem. Believe it or not, even us “retired moms” need planners. When can the grandkids come over, not that day I have Dr.’s appointment. Just wanted to show you everyone needs a planner in his or hers life. Now whether you decide to use it or not is another story! (Let’s be honest, if you can remember to use it! I’m 66yrs. old. I need one for Dr.’s appointments alone. Hahaha! Getting old is a bear. We all thought, “Oh, Joy, the kids are out of the hose, it’s time to have fun! NOT!” Now it’s Dr.’s and hair dresser, SU! parties to plan, errand to run. Just like when your kids were at home. Only now, you have more Dr.’s appointments. and bigger kids calling you to see if you’re okay and life goes on! So, final sentence, “You’ll always need a lanner in your life!, so use IT! Share a laugh with your kids each day. They’ll think mom’s gone crazy, but you’ll know you haven’t.
    Have a Stamping good day!

  7. Great information. My 29 year old who is living at home with his girlfriend for a while really enjoyed the list. LOL!

  8. Hello Wendy I just love that planner love the colors and the setup it is so amazing works good to keep track of your life events. Thank you for this chance.

  9. I am going back to using a planner because retirement has proven to be more hectic than work! Between natural aging of the mind (…!) and more and more volunteer responsibilities demanding attention (“You’re retired; you have time to help out, right?”–I swear they hung a bulls-eye on my back the day I stopped being employed for pay), I absolutely need a planner. So glad SU introduced one this year.
    Your videos of how you intend to implement your planners are a bonus, too. It is helpful to see the actual interior in more detail.
    Thanks for the generous offer to share some planner goodies. You’re the BEST!

  10. I love the idea of planning with my planners, sometimes I just forget to open them up and use them! ???? I’m hoping that this summer I can start over and get a good planner system going!

  11. Thanks for sharing the videos on the planner, especially the 2nd one….Thanks for shortening it to 5 minutes…..What kind of pens work best for using the planner?

    Thanks again,

  12. You always have such great content, Wendy! I’m currently working on implementing some type of planner in my life because I need more structure! (My planner started in January but I just started using it this month! Lol) One day I will get it all together! Thanks so much for the motivation! 🙂

  13. I love the planner. This would make a great gift for my daughter and my daughter-in-law. I agree with Linda’s comment that retirement is hectic and a planner is helpful. I love your “Summer Rules” for you and your daughter. I have noticed many people starting to use those. I kept two of my grandchildren overnight and I can see how hard it would be to run a business, a home and give your time to your deserving daughter! Don’t forget to include time for you too!

  14. Hi Wendy. Thanks for the great video. I have been thinking about doing a planner. Your video is inspiring. Again, thank you for sharing…

  15. What a fun giveaway! I loved watching how you set up your planner. I use a small calendar, but now think I would love the planner. Thanks for the info.

  16. Thank You so much. I need this in my life right now. My life has changed so much. I need a planner to get my back on track. From loosing my spouse an employment. I feel so lost. Love the planners. Thank You so much for sharing.

  17. A Tackle it Tuesday idea would be planning. Items to work on Monthly, Weekly, etc. Goal setting. etc. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Awesome job with these two videos. It inspires me to try to keep track of my hectic life even though I’m retired. I’m constantly looking for where I put my lists or wrote down some tid bit of information for the day, and can’t find it. One stop shopping with this type of planner seems to be a really great way to go. I like that you can start in July and aren’t wasting any months.

  19. Hi Wendy, as always your video was awesome and full of information. I’m saving to purchase this planner and really hope it’s as beautiful as it looks in the videos. Thanks for keeping us all inspired.


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