Q & A Thursday for Demonstrators


Hello my friends!

Today I am sharing answers to questions that you’ve been asking.

I hope that you find it helpful.

Every week I look forward to Thursday and sharing with you some business tips & budgeting info.

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    • Lela Meinke says

      thank you for answering my two questions.

      (one was about double counting for zoom under the team expenses and that response was very clear)

      my other question was about how you know what the instant income amount is to capture on your top part of your worksheet. i think i have my answer now. i was debating whether i should be taking the total instant income number from my pie chart OR taking the total amount deposited. in fact, i should refer to the specific report you mentioned. i should ignore the “discount” total completely. and i should also ignore any instant or deferred income that came from me using my credit card for an order on behalf of another customer and where i haven’t been reimbursed. (i buy stuff for my sisters under a hostess code sometimes so that it ships to them and so that i get hostess benefits. it’s complicated.) basically i just need to adjust my math accordingly and not register income that is not truly income. no further question – i can take it from here. THANK YOU!


      • Wendy says

        HAHA! I love how you thought through the entire thing in the comments. I love this! I can almost see you working it out for yourself. Well done, Lela!
        Thank you for posting.

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