Q&A: Taxes and Stuff

Hello friends!

Today is Thursday.  Which means today’s blog post and video is dedicated to my demonstrator community.

I say each week, I am not a tax pro, financial advisor.  I am simply sharing what I know and what I’ve been told in hopes it helps someone.  So please know that when you watch today’s video you need to contact a tax pro or accountant for your own peace of mind.

The blessing that has come from this business budget workbook has been overwhelming.  I have received so many comments, emails and even a phone call or two about this workbook and my videos and how much it has helped so many people.  I am so grateful that I listened to that still small voice and made myself vulnerable to bring something to you that would be so helpful.

While there have been a few negative comments the positive FAR out weighs that, and I am thrilled to be bringing this information to you.

Today we are going to talk taxes and I’m answering your questions.

Not all of them because there’s not enough time to cover them all.  But that’s what we have Thursdays for.  We will make it through them all as they come up.

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