Remember this guy….

Last year so many of you sent birthday cards to my sweet Grandpa.  Well it’s been a whole year.  He’s now 91.  Not much has changed in Gramps life except for Grandma.  She’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and now Grandpa spends his days caring for her.  This man is truly one of the most inspiring, loving, dedicated, genuine individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I took him and Grandma out yesterday for a lunch date to celebrate his 91st year on this earth.  Here are some photos of our day together.  Below is my story of my Grandpa.

This was Grandpa’s fortune.  He cracked up when he opened it. I had not seen him laugh that hard in a long time.  It was the best part of my day.

We took a short drive up country to see where my hubby was working.  Kevin took the time to escort us in the coned area and explain to Grandpa all the stuff he was doing that day with the equipment.  Was very nice.

I have a very special bond with my Grandpa, also known as Papa, and Gramps.  Depends on my mood as to what I call him.  But he almost ALWAYS calls me “Winnie the Pooh”  Anyway, the bond.  It started way back.  I was his first grandchild.  This makes me special special.  This means I got two full years with him just by myself.  I don’t remember those two years.  However, I see how he is my sweet girl and all the other great grand babies that surround him and I know I spent hours in his arms, being rocked and being sung to. 

Of course over time your memory becomes your friend. I can reach way back into those memory banks and remember being tickled, chased, told bedtime stories, told scary stories, being taught how to fish with a bamboo pole, how to listen for birds, how to look at the stars and especially and most importantly being taught how to love.  When I was 7 my Mom and Dad got divorced.  My Dad pretty much went MIA.  This left me broken.  Sometimes now I think if my Grandpa hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have made it.  I would’ve been a shell of who I was supposed to be.  My Grandpa was my Daddy.  He did all the things with me and for me that normally a Dad would do.  And he still does.  I spent everyday after school with my Grandparents and all summer every summer.  My Mom worked and so this meant my sis and I were left to be watched by our Grandparents.  For any other kid this may seem a drag.  Not me.  I cherished both of my Grandparents so much.  I still do.  I love to hear their stories and listen to them talk and tell me what I should be doing.  There is a warmth that radiates from my Grandpa’s heart.  It’s a warmth that is unexplainable.  With him is the only place in the physical world I know that no matter what I do, and under any circumstance he will love me.  That is a rare find.  The bible says that God will be a Father to the Fatherless.  I believe that God chooses very special people to tend to his lost, forgotten or abandon lambs.  I believe my Grandpa is one of those people.  I believe that he was put on this earth to be a Father to not just me, but my sis, my cousin, and so many other children that have looked up to him and respected him.  His mark on this earth is a great one.  

Well I got all sappy today.  But sometimes sap is a good thing 🙂  I had to share all of that with you!  Now you know why I love him SO SO much and why I love spending time with him and my Grandma.

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2 thoughts on “Remember this guy….”

  1. what a sweet story! So sorry to hear about your grandmas diagnosis. Your grandparents sound as wonderful as mine. I lost my grandpa in 2008 but grandma is going to be 95 this year! I treasure every moment with her and every memory is a great one! I just hope and pray I can be such a blessing to my grandchildren!

  2. What an awesome tribute to your Papa!!! I wish I had known my grandparents so that I had wonderful memories of them.
    We have two Granddaughters that are 19 and 23 and we have a very special bond with both of them and even raised our 19 year old from 15 till she graduated. It was a blessing and she now considers us her parents…long story.
    May you have many more wonderful memories yet to come.


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