Resolutions Are For The Birds – Goals Are Where It’s At

A journal for my daughter. Thank you Paper Pumpkin Wendy Cranford

I rarely have New Years resolutions, in fact I gave them up years ago.

Mainly because everyone has a New Years resolution that sounds fabulous until you have to start actually doing it.  By February 1st your New Years resolution is a thing of the past and you are back to your old ways.

It may be semantics but I set goals at the beginning of each year.  I work well with goals.  I write them down and then when I accomplish them I actually check them off.

Such a sense of accomplishment.  You should try it.

Here are my goals for the New Year.

  1. Continue my weight loss journey and healthy eating habits for a permanent lifestyle change.  I began this journey in May 2016 and plan to continue it.  I exercise 5 days a week (mostly), and I eat healthy pretty much 100% of the time right now.  I am down 13lbs and feel great, would like to lose another 20lbs.
  2. I have thought over and over how much I would like to keep a journal for Macie, my daughter.  She’s my only child.  I keep thinking I should write a letter to her every day or evening that tells her about me and her and our lives from my perspective.  I will begin doing that this year.  In fact, I started it yesterday.  I used the Paper Pumpkin kit that I received in December.  The video below shows you how I set it up and I talk about how I plan to put it in motion.
  3. I want to take at least one class in Digital Illustration or Digital Design.  I want to see if this is something I would enjoy and want to pursue to add to my skill set of creating.
  4. I want to create every day.  In this “job” I notice that I spend a lot of time doing administrative tasks to keep up.  Such as returning emails, answering You Tube comments, planning, prepping for classes and events.  Sometimes I overlook that my soul is really fed by creating.  So I am planning on intentionally sitting down each day and doing something creative.  I am sure most of you think that I spend all day every day doing just that, but it actually isn’t the case at all.
  5. This may be my most important one.  Stepping away from the phone.  I am going to quit having my phone in my hand so much, looking at it so much, and try to be more present and engaged when I am in certain situations.  I am not one of those that sits on my phone in a restaurant (but I might check it once or twice)  No more of that.  When I am with people, I want to be with people.  Not with my head in a phone, or on a computer.  I think we are losing something.  Connections.  I don’t want the end of my life to come and for anyone to feel like I ignored them.  Mostly my own daughter.  She’s the most important thing in my life.  She should always feel that way.
  6. Go easy on me.  I am really hard on myself.  I tend to feel a lot of guilt over things that I shouldn’t feel guilty over.  I tend to take on too many tasks, leaving me drained and really not a great person sometimes because I am so overwhelmed.  I am over it. HAHA!  I am ready to embrace just living a good life and not trying to constantly please or cater to others needs.  By no means do I mean that I will not serve when needed.  I believe so strongly in service to others.  However, I tend to take on things that aren’t really my problem.  So I am done with that.

Ok now that I have bared my soul I would love for you to share with me what your goals are for this year.  You can leave a comment here on my blog or on You Tube.

If you have read to this point, thanks.  Thanks for sticking with me and for being a follower.  I appreciate you more than you know, rather you order from me or not.  I love and appreciate everyone that takes the time to read my posts and watch my videos.

I wish you all the joy and happiness the world has to offer.  Find happiness, choose joy, no matter what it takes.  This life is but a vapor and you don’t want to miss a second of the joy it has to offer.

Make 2017 a year of change if you need the change in your life.  Embrace a new year with all it has to offer.  Believe that it can be the start of a new goal, a new life, a new something.

Hope you enjoy today’s video.  Hugs to you and yours!

3 thoughts on “Resolutions Are For The Birds – Goals Are Where It’s At”

  1. Great goals for 2017, Wendy. My goals are two-fold. I have lost over 30 lbs. simply by eating less. I have convinced my husband to do the same. When we go out for a meal, we eat half and bring the other half home for another meal the next day. My second goal is to get stronger. I fell last January (nothing broken), but have had balance issues since that time. If I work on getting my strength back and improve my balance, 2017 should be a much better year. Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy new year.

    • Great goals Sherry! Thanks for sharing them with me. Just start by walking. If you walk at least 20 mins a day you will be shocked at what it will do for you 🙂


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