Running with Macie

At the beginning of the new year I knew it was time for change.  Ok, well actually I knew it was time for change at the beginning of last year.  For those of you that have followed me forever, you know I use to run.  I lost a lot of weight and felt really amazing.  I got an injury and fell off the running wagon and gained a bunch of weight back. LOL.  Such is life, right.

WELL because I earned the amazing Stampin’ UP! Hawaii trip I decided I wanted to go to Hawaii feeling great and looking great.  In order to do that I have to start MOVING.

Here Macie and I are on our first run of the new year.  Moving.

The little coach here is a great motivator.  She runs every day with me and encourages me.  I can’t actually keep up with her, but I try.  

We have beautiful scenery to look at when we run.

The thing I am struggling with the most is my eating.  I am having such a hard time giving up some of the stuff I love.  I know it’s not permanent but it’s horrible.  I can’t seem to get my food intake under control.

Any suggestions to help me out??

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6 thoughts on “Running with Macie”

  1. That is hard, too, and how we all gain weight to begin with. However, since you seem to have a great running buddy, why don’t you also ask her to help you out in that area. She could encourage you, and help keep ou away from the things you don’t like. How about whenever you lose a certain number of pounds, the two of you get to do something fun together (nails done, a movie, etc.).

    • That’s a great idea Carole. I always worry talking about weight and weight loss will cause her to have issues with weight? Do you think that is the case? She’s so little I don’t want her to obsess over weight.

    • I suppose that could be a possibility. But if you approach it by telling her that you need her help to do this for yourself, then hopefully she will realize that she is more of a coach than an actual participant. If you reward yourself for losing weight and worry about her, then you could reward her (with activities for the two of you) if she stays the same or even gains a little!

  2. Wendy,
    I decided last July that I had enough of being the weight that I was. I just couldn’t stand myself anymore and I decided to go and get some advice on how to lose it. I went on a very low carb/no sugar diet. I lost 43 pounds by the end of December with little effort. (No meds either) I started eating meats and eggs the first week, 2nd week I added back in 15 carbs of veggies and 100 calories of nuts, lettuce was also a free food (if I did exercise I could add 100 calories of protein for every hour), 3 week I added back in 25 carbs of veggies/fruits. I drink lots of water (they told me I could have any of the diet drinks that didn’t have any carbs but I don’t like the after taste of them. So Lots of water it is. For the month of December and January I thought I’d make sure that I could keep the weight off but yet add some carbs in and some sugar in just to see. I have kept it off. My hubby also started doing this with me in September and he’s lost 35 pounds. I am really surprise how easy it is. If you want more information just email me and I will gladly send you the information.

  3. Wendy, I have tried every ‘diet’ around. I recently found Trim Healthy Mama. It is wonderful. Although I don’t eat regular bread (too many carbs for this diabetic), THM has a way for me to enjoy a simple sandwich and still lose weight. I have lost about 10 pounds in just a few weeks. Up until now I have struggled with losing 2 pounds in a month, so I am thrilled with my progress. You may want to check them out: You can even have chocolate brownies every day if you want! Good luck with your endeavor!


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