SAY WHAT? Stampin Up has Photopolymer Stamps!

I about fell out of my bed early this morning.  I was looking on my phone at the Stampin Up website and there it was!  PHOTOPOLYMER STAMPS! EEKS, YIKES.  I am so excited to try these.  Yes I admit I have never really stamped with any other high quality stamps.  I didn’t start stamping until Stampin Up and why use anything else? I know I am sheltered.  It’s ok.

Here it is Stampin Up’s FIRST EVER Photopolymer Stamp Set.  I already ordered mine!!!
This set is available now to order, click on the photo below to order it!
Designer Typeset Photopolymer #132956 $13.95



  1. Carrie K says

    This is so funny because Wednesday when I got my order and was TRYING to organize all my stuff, I was wondering if Stampin Up would ever have these!! How funny!!

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