Scrapbook Expo Haul & Jamberry

I spent so much time with my family last week, it was wonderful.  Both Kevin and Macie were on vacation and we got to do some fun stuff.

We went to Apple Hill, we cleaned at my grandparents and bought them a porch swing, something my Grandma has wanted for a long time.  Friday Macie and I went to the Sacramento Scrapbook Expo.

I thought you might enjoy seeing all our goings on for the last week and hearing about a new fun thing I am doing.

Our week started with a trip to the Pumpkin Patch and carving a pumpkin.



Kevin went fishing one evening and caught a 14 pound catfish.


We all three went to Apple Hill for the day.  Apple Donuts are the yummiest donuts on the planet.



This was on our way home from Apple Hill.  Macie was just about to fall asleep driving home.


Last but not least Macie and I had a blast at the Scrapbook Expo.



What are the odds?  We ran into my cousin Kristine.  She lives in Fairfield and neither of us knew the other was going.  Was fun to run into her.




Here is a video from my haul at the Scrapbook Expo.

Hope you enjoy it.


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PS – Don’t worry I am not going to start talking about Jamberry all the time, I am not leaving Stampin’ UP!, I just love doing nails and I am going to start doing mine with these so I want to share them.

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