Shannon’s Enchilada’s

Shannon came to visit a couple of weeks ago with her sweet family.  They are quite the trio.  John is so funny and has more quips than you can count.  I stole one of them and use it regularly.  When Shannon gets all worked up over something (we do this, Shannon and I, we get worked up).  He calmly looks at her and says, “You’re at a 10 and we need you at a 2”  I thought this was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.  Not to mention it’s the most polite way of saying “You are being a lunatic and chill the heck out”.  

Shannon is a kindred spirit of mine, we share a lot of commonalities.  Getting easily worked into a frenzy and being irritated with situations is one of those.  I can look at her and know immediately that she is about 2 minutes from freaking out.  We’ve coined a phrase with each other “Could you be more irritated?”  That’s our way of letting the other know, we know, we are about to explode.  

You are thinking good grief these are some volatile people.  Yes, we can be.  However we bark more than we bite.  Generally speaking we get like this in chaotic situations.  We don’t just walk around annoyed LOL.  I feel the need to clarify that.

Shannon moved out of state to the middle of nowhere a few years ago.  Where I knew she would fall in love with someone, thus John.  Then you know what happens….. uh huh… that cute little girl in between them.  That happened.  Their little one is so funny and such a joy.  

While Shannon was here she made dinner for us.  By us I mean the 20 that gather for family meals.  She has this amazing recipe for enchiladas.  So she came to my house, put a pork shoulder in the crock pot with enchilada sauce poured over it.  Then she left to go to Apple Hill.  Upon her return the meat should have been done cooking and wasn’t.  So we had to resort to going to our little general store to purchase rotisserie chickens for the enchilada meat.  She just left the crock pot and stuff cooking at my house.  We took all the food out to my grandparents.  It was a comedy of errors.  John went with Dan (childhood best friend of Shannon’s) too look at some sites near where we live and they were supposed to be back in time to take the food to the grandparents house to finish cooking.  Here comes the irritation moment…. of course they don’t come back in time and we are all rushing around.  My husband waits till the last minute to shower.  Everyone was ravenous by the time the food got served.  We had a houseful as it was Shannon’s last night here.

Mom and aunts and nieces and such were gathered with Grandma looking at old photos when we showed up.  I love this photo.

All in all it was a typical family get together with blunders and fun.  We love to eat.  A lot.  Really.  We love food.  

The meat that got left in the crock pot, um yeah it was, AMAZING.  I ended up making my own enchiladas the next day with the meat Shannon had to abandon.  Here is the recipe.  It’s so easy.

easy crock pot recipe for enchiladas

You need:
1 large pork butt or sirloin, 2 – 3 lbs
2 large cans of red enchilada sauce
3 small cans of olives
2 bags of mexican cheese (or shred some cheese or your liking)
1 container of sour cream for topping
12-15 flour tortillas

1.  Place pork butt or sirloin in crock pot.  Pour one large can of enchilada sauce over the meat, cover and cook on high between 6-8 hours.

2.  Take pork out and pull it apart, shred it.

3.  Open your other can of sauce and pour a little in the bottom of your baking dish.  I used two 9 x 13 baking dishes.  Preheat oven to 375.

4.  Ok make your enchiladas,  a little cheese, some olives, and meat.  Roll up your tortilla and place it in the pan.  Just line them up in a row one after another.

5.  After you fill your dish with enchiladas cover the tops of the enchiladas with the red sauce and more cheese.  Make sure you reserve enough sauce to cover your other pan also.

6.  Pop these babies in the oven for about 30 mins so everything is nice and melty.  Serve with sour cream on top.

THANK YOU SHANNON!  This is such an easy recipe and makes enough so that I can have a pan at home and take a pan out to my Grandparents.  We’ve already had it twice since she’s left. 

Have a blessed day everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Shannon’s Enchilada’s”

  1. I enjoy hearing all about your family! You seem to live in the middle of alot love. What a blessing.
    Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us.


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