Simple Fabric Flower Tidbit Tuesday


Welcome to another Tidbit Tuesday… I am not sure why I lock myself into these things!  Have you ever thought about that?  Like the Tidbit Tuesday.  Now I am committed to provide a tidbit on Tuesday.. What if I come up with a Tidbit on Thursday?  Then what?  I just have to save it… Let me tell you, it’s hard to save a Tidbit that long… ANYWAY I digress.. Today I have a GREAT TIDBIT on how to make a super quick and simple fabric flower.  Please watch the video before you say “I CAN’T SEW”  … That’s what everyone says when I say this is simple.  People I promise you, if you can type, write, color with crayons, you can stitch this flower.  It’s not scary I promise!

OH AND I almost forgot … Blog Candy winners from last week.. The two samplers of Orchard Harvest paper.. THE WINNERS ARE:  Cindy Henry and buncobuddy!  WOO HOO! Send me an email with your mailing address



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