Snow Much Fun Box w/ Simply Scored Tool


A taped this video quite a while back but felt like it was too early to post it because it was a Christmas project.  Boy am I the fool…. bahahaha!  So many people are already posting tons of Christmas stuff.  Can you believe we are already half way through October!?  ME EITHER.  I feel like I just celebrated Easter for Pete’s Sake.

At any rate I made this 2/5/7/10 box using the Simply Scored.  It turned out so cute and makes a fantastic Christmas good box.  You could even add a tag to it with a sweet holiday sentiment stamped on it.

Anyway he was super fun to make and very easy.  I have added the video at the bottom of the post as well. 

In other news, I am a vendor at a craft fair on Nov 3rd and I am scared out of my wits.  Any of you out there have any great craft fair do’s and don’ts for me 🙂
I would really appreciate it!

Have a blessed day everyone!



  1. Babe O'Mara says

    Darling box, love it. Hey don’t get stressed out about the craft fair. What are you afraid of? People won’t like your items? Forget about it!! That won’t happen. You are a talented crafter and you’ll do just fine. Have fun. Just be your friendly self and you’ll do great. Wish I lived closer, (I know I always say that) but it’s true. You could hire me to walk around the fair telling everyone what great things you have and the prices are so good. Love you to bits….

    Gramma Babe

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