So Cool to HAVE MET YOU!

Kristy and I

Well the moment every blogger hopes will happen, did!  Tina and I use to have a blog together.  During that time we had quite a few followers.  One of those followers being a lovely lady by the name of Kristy.  Anyway, we find out over the years that Kristy only lives about 35 miles from us.  SO, I got Kristy to host a workshop for me this year!   WAYYYY BACK in August of last year she told me she would have a workshop for me in February, and she kept her promise. She is truly a blessing and a delightful person.  She hosts this group get together every month and has several ladies attend. She makes favors for them and everything (wouldn’t she make a great team member, hint hint Kristy)  I mean she’s already doing all the work of a member… 

And this is her very clever and witty friend Ann, this was the first card SHE EVER MADE!!! HOW FUN IS THAT!!!!???
Thank you Mary Fish for this awesome card idea!
I really want Kristy to be a member of my team.  She’s amazing! I haven’t managed to win her over yet, but I have high hopes, prayers and perserverance on my side!!! HA HA 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

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