Spring Break & Family Time

WOW!  This week is crazy.  I am writing this on Monday night, for tomorrow.  In the world of blogging this is a big no no. 

I should have blog posts prepared way in advance for you.  And they should be proof read a few times before publishing.

However, I live in the real world.  Where life happens, and I can’t do everything the way it’s SUPPOSED to be done all the time.

That said.  If this blog posts is full of typos, I apologize in advance.  I’ve been at the lake all day and I feel like I am still on the boat.

SHANNON CAME TO VISIT!  She will be here all week.  (For those of you that are new here, Shannon is my cousin, my kindred spirit, my confidant, my partner in crime) 

Here we are together.  Being, well, us.

Here’s a run down on what’s been going on with me.

My sister decided on Thursday of last week that she would get married on Saturday, while Shannon was here.  Friday I got ordained to perform her ceremony, and she and Chris got their marriage license and on Saturday at 1pm I married them.  YAY!  Congrats Katie & Chris.  

What was it like to marry someone you ask?  WEIRD.  But amazing.

Who do you think you are marrying someone, you ask?  Um, when I know the answer to this I will let you know.  

Alright.  Then because Shannon is here, we decided to move Easter up to Saturday March 14th. 

Don’t panic.  This was not meant to be irreverent of the actual Easter or resurrection, we just wanted Shannon and her family to get to be with us for Easter. 

This will make my mother in law happy because usually we spend Easter with my family.  Since I already got that out of the way I will be able to spend Easter with my hubs family.  WIN, WIN, WIN! 

Look at this spread.  This is only half of it.  It was delicious.

Here is Gramps being his spry self.  At the young age of 91.  I still can’t believe he is 91 when I look at him.

This is about half of us.  My fam is big.  Where there is food my family will be.  We love to eat.

Easter egg hunting time! Fun fun fun.

We are missing about 8 people from this photo.  They couldn’t make it for one reason or another.  Shannon requested this photo and I am so glad she did.  All my family (almost) in one picture.  Grandma couldn’t get in the photo because her arm is broken, and well it was going to be too hard to move her.  So we decided I would photoshop her into the photo later. LOL.  I haven’t done that yet.

Today we went to the lake.  We had such a nice time.  It was very overcast with a slight breeze.  That really bummed me out because it has been perfect here.  But it was still nicer weather than Shannon & John get in Montana.  They were pleased.

Ok amid all this craziness.  We got a new dog.  Meet Hank.  He’s 8 years old and such a sweet boy.  He has a sad story, and I am going to spare you from hearing it because it will make you super sad.  

Just know that NOW Hank has a loving happy forever home.  He’s getting settled and we are already so in love with him.

There you have it.  

I’ve just been sitting around eating bon bons and watching TV.  You know like all of us stay at home mommy bloggers do.  

Nothing much.  Just officiating weddings, cooking, taking family to the lake, adopting dogs, ending world hunger and bringing peace to the middle east. 

Oh wait… maybe that was a bit much.  I have a flare for the story telling you know.

ALL of that mumbo jumbo to say, I may not be around much this week.  I will do my best. 

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are up to this week?  Do your kids or grandkids have spring break this week?  Plans for easter?  

Talk to you soon.

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