Stampin' UP! offers a variety of high quality stamps.

Have you ever stamped? If you're here, I am guessing you either use stamps or you're interested in trying them out. Either way this is the perfect place for you.

Stampin' UP! makes beautiful stamps that appeal to several crafting styles. Your first step in creating gorgeous hand stamped cards is to have high quality stamps.

Why does the quality of the stamp make a difference? So glad you asked. Poor quality stamps have a tendency to have smudgy stamp lines, change color as they age, and the product can even begin to break down. This is a bummer because your investment matters.

Did you know that Stampin' UP! has a 90 day return/exchange policy. If you had any issues at all with your stamps you can return or exchange them with no questions asked.


+ Stampin' UP! stamps are made in the USA, in Kanab UT.

+ Red rubber stamps give a very clean and crisp line when stamping.

+ All Stampin' UP! stamps are checked for quality and pass extensive test before making it to the shelf

+ Red rubber cling stamps are great for using with pigment inks. They clean up very well.


+ Photopolymer stamps are made from a polymer that is molded to create a completely see through stamp. 

+ All of Stampin' UP!'s photopolymer stamps are made in Kanab UT.

+ Clear stamps are perfect for stamping layered images.


Do you want to get free stamps? I have an awesome offer for my customers. Every $50 you spend you get a punch on your Luvin' Stampin' Rewards punch card. CLICK HERE  to print your rewards card and track your orders.

After you get 8 punches you get to choose $40 in free product, stamps or other Stampin' UP! products.