Stitching + Paper + Pumpkin = AMAZING CARDS

It’s been a busy week!  I am sure you have noticed.  I haven’t had much on my blog or you tube. 

I AM SORRY OK! I AM SORRY!  Family first though, you know that’s how I roll.

This months Paper Pumpkin kit has to be one of my favorites so far.  Holy Hannah!  I love it. 

There is stitching involved people.  Instant turn off for you?  NOT I.  I love it.  It’s therapeutic in fact.

I sat at my nail salon waiting to be fixed up and prettied up and made some of my Paper Pumpkin cards.  

All I had to take with me was the kit, and a clear block.  (oh and instead of opening the little sample ink, I brought my own)

That was it.  How simple and amazing is that?

I am telling you friend.  I know you are busy like I am.  I know you have a million irons in the fire and not enough time in the day… 

JUST TRY IT …. I am your dealer and Paper Pumpkin is your drug of choice.  (anyone else having high school flashbacks about now)

You want this.  You need this in your life.  I promise you won’t regret it.

It’s the most fun $20 a month you will spend (ok it’s like $21.59 with tax)
Check it out… RIGHT NOW until March 31st you can order 3 months of Paper Pumpkin for a reduced rate of $54.95 plus tax.  You will get Paper Pumpkin for 3 months and then you are done and you get a FREE SALE A BRATION ITEM when you order the 3 month prepaid subscription.  CHECK THAT OUT HERE.

Don’t like surprises in the mail?  What’s wrong with you.  Ok, I get it some people don’t.  If you don’t … then Paper Pumpkin truly is not for you.  However, I will say, you could try it for a month and see if you like it.  If not cancel it.  There is no risk involved.

It’s like a Birch Box of Craftiness.  Who needs cosmetics when you can craft!?  I mean really.

Check out the video on how easy the stitching is.  Love it.

You’ve gotta try this.  Try it for a month and see if you like it.  I bet you will.  (oh and it’s super easy to cancel, I hate when you sign up for something then it’s a big pain in the butt to cancel it.)


Here are your FREE SALE A BRATION ITEM OPTIONS that I know you will love if you are busy and need quick fixes.


Order Stampin' Up!

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