Sunday Baking & Sharing Sunshine

Sharing sunshine in bakers boxes.

Sunday I spent the day baking. And I mean the entire day. Sunday baking is a new thing I am trying out.

I baked 16 mini banana loaves, 1 loaf of bread, beautiful peanut butter and chocolate swirl bundt cake and for dinner baked ziti and broccoli.

I think Sunday baking and sharing sunshine could be a new tradition for me.

Giving a handmade baked good in pretty packaging is so fun.

Whew! I also had a whole lot of dishes to clean up.

After baking all those goodies I wanted to share them.

Baker Boxes from Stampin' UP! are retiring.

Stampin’ UP!’s Baker Boxes were the perfect packaging for my little mini loaves.

As promised the link to all the recipes and the products I use are linked at the bottom of this blog post and in the description of the YouTube video.

A beautiful peanut butter and chocolate swirl bundt cake.

I have never been a baker. In fact, in my family, I am known for a lot of cooking and baking fails. It’s been a running joke for years.

I don’t know what happened to me, but quarantine has taught me how to try out baking. Turns out I am pretty good at it.

The cookbook below is awesome. If you’re looking to start baking or just want a great cookbook with a bazillion recipes this is fantastic. You can pick it up on Amazon HERE.

Bake from Scratch cookbook

Sunday Baking Stampin’ UP! Supply List:

Sunday Baking Supplies:

Mini Loaf Pan – Pampered Chef (this is the one I have)

Mini Loaf Pan – On Amazon

Bundt Pan – Pampered Chef

Bake Cookbook


Mini Banana Bread Loaves

Prairie Homestead Bread Recipe – BEST EVER

Bundt Cake Recipe – BAKE Cookbook



  1. Pam says

    Your baked good look amazing!! The banana bread box is so cute! I love cook books, especially baking cook books. I’m thinking I really need that cook book! Thanks for sharing.

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