Sweetheart Candy Favors

I’m not sure if you have the same feeling but I really am NOT a fan of Sweetheart Candies. They remind me of TUMS. They are chalky and dry and just not delightful at all. BUT people seem to dig them. I mean every Valentines day the stores are stocked to the hilt with those nasty things, so I guess someone likes them. I would much rather eat chocolate, but that’s just me!

ANYWHO, this is a little video on covering up those boxes and making them into a cute little Valentine. Don’t mind the fact that I am scolding my child in this video. It happens. You know trying to be a stay at home Mom and have a business is tuff. If the dog isn’t barking the kid is knocking on the door. AND just so all you ney-sayers know, my hubby was home and she had been outside with him. CARPE DIEM people, I had to take the moment to shoot the quick video, and wouldn’t you know that was the moment she shows up.

Well at any rate I hope you enjoy the video!

3 thoughts on “Sweetheart Candy Favors”

  1. Such a cute cover for such nasty candies!! I hate those things, too. But I do like the sweet-tart hearts. I can eat a whole bag in a day. But, yeah, I would really prefer chocolate anyday!!!


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