The Basics: Card Making Measurements

A few weeks ago I shared that I would periodically be sharing basic tips and tricks for card making.

The first video I did was focused on using clear mount stamps.  Click HERE to see that video and blog post.

Today’s video focuses on using standard measurements for your card making.  I should point out that these measurements are focused on the US Imperial measuring system.

I felt like it was important to share a little pinnable photo with some measurements for you.

Super happy to have made this video for you and I hope you find it useful!  If you have any questions please let me know.




  1. Melody Strahan says

    Thanks for this video. So many card making videos assume the maker already knows what A2 means. I did not, even though I’ve been making them for years.

  2. Gabrielle Waller says

    THANK YOU!!!! I’ve always struggled with measurements and my first card making attempt was a disaster because of it. This video was super helpful, thank you!

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