The Big Mistakes You Might Be Making That Are Keeping You From Success

Trying to grow a business can be daunting.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re all alone and you need help and so you try to find ways to get that help and it actually ends up just hurting you.

Today I have to share some mistakes you might be making and you may not even know it.

Now before you get your knickers in a wad about what I have to say.  I have to tell you that I only know these things from personal experience!

Everything I list below I did, to levels of insanity.

It was only through a lot of self evaluation, taking classes and learning that my efforts of all the things listed below were getting me no where.

I invite you to consider changing your ways!  If what you’re currently doing isn’t working, then try doing something else for a while and see where it gets you.

Do you do any of these things:

+ Obsess over other demonstrators blogs or businesses.

+ See something on another demonstrators blog and try to recreate it.

+ Compare yourself or your business to other demonstrators and their businesses.

+ Complain about the fact that you haven’t been as successful as you think you should be.

+ Find yourself discouraged and down because your business isn’t growing at the rate you want it to.

Things you can do to STOP the self sabotage and GROW a business you’ll love:

+ Get in your lane.  Focus on your business and you.

+ Make a to do list of things that need to happen this week to help you move your bus.

+ It’s ok to get ideas and learn from others but make it your own.

+ Spend more time asking how you can help others and what their frustrations are, this helps you know how to serve them.

+ Stop comparing yourself to others.  Like RIGHT NOW.  Be happy with where you are and your journey.

+ Don’t complain.  Complaining is an exhaustive effort and simply makes you no money, so why do it.

+ Venting is complaining.  This took me forever to learn and I still do it time to time but it’s useless.

+ In moments of discouragement, take the time to do something kind for yourself and have grace with yourself.

+ Get busy working.  Do something productive.  Being productive and working will generate income and income makes everyone feel better.


If you’d like to get your business budgeted and have a planner to help you in the right direction you can purchase my Business Budget Workbook.

2 thoughts on “The Big Mistakes You Might Be Making That Are Keeping You From Success”

  1. It’s so easy to try and copy someone else, until you try it and it doesn’t work for you. Just do you! Love your message, and it’s definitely something I’m working on!


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