This is what it looked like before, we already got rid of the table at this point.  I realized I needed to take before photos.

Work in progress!  Putting together stuff…
My Aunt Linda came over and helped me paint! Thank goodness… Painting took 2 days, I never 
would’ve been able to do it without her.
Hubby putting the table in place.  Sorry for blurry photos, I was snapping away with my phone.
We put two of the 9 cube closet maid things I had in my old office together on top of each other. I say “we” .. ok people I didn’t do anything.  I stood and watched my husband do it!
He laid them down flat and then attached a piece of board to the back of them that he got at Lowes.  Then he anchored them to the wall so that the unit would be stable.

Now for the completed room!!!!! EEKS!
This is before I had all my stamping stuff moved.
Tons of storage under the table in the middle of the room.

This is the two closet maid cube things, stacked and anchored.  I just love how it looks.  Goes perfect here!
I just took this… This is from my computer looking down to my stamping area.  Isn’t it FANTASTIC!
This is for Macie’s stuff.  We begin homeschooling in September and I wanted her incorporated into this space.  These cabinets are the ones I repainted.  I got them at a yard sale for $10.  They are perfect.  It stores all of her paints, stamps, paper, color books, etc.  Really a great space for her.  A rug will go on the ground so she can play and hang out there.

So this is it! Our new multipurpose space… I JUST LOVE IT!  It’s happy and fun and so functional.  I wish we would’ve done it years ago!

I got almost everything from IKEA! I am so grateful to my Aunt Linda for helping me, my Mama in Law for watching the munchkin, my Mom for watching the munchkin, and especially my hubby, for being kind and patient and loving through this whole process and really wanting to just make me happy.  I feel like I am living in a dream… HA!  Really I do.  I have always dreamt and prayed for a room like this.  It feels amazing to have one.  I feel so blessed.

Goodnight… Thanks for stopping by.

11 thoughts on “THE BIG REVEAL”

  1. Thanks Wendy for showing your work space…lots of work but, so worth it . Also thank you for showing the 9 cube ClosetMade units …I just bought one for my Big Shot and Dies…I love the colored fabric basket selection .. But, I haven`t gotten mine put together yet . So now I know how it looks in a real space !!!

  2. Just a great looking room. So nice. Congrats on getting it done and how nice it looks. My stampin room is also my sewing room so it gets messy looking quite quickly. Stampin Up takes much more space than my sewing things. Thanks for sharing with us.


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