The Hippie & The Square

So my sister is marrying this guy.  Chris.  Yeah I know you are thinking the same thing I thought when I laid eyes on him the first time – “Yikes, lock the doors”.  At first glance he can look a bit intimidating, ok a lot intimidating.  Then once you get past the intimidation you think, this guy can’t possibly have a job.  LOL  Ok well maybe I am the only one who thought it.  Yes, I judged the book.

I am the square.  I always follow the rules, I am a total traditionalist and I am conservative.  I’m no Rush Limbaugh, thank God, but I definitely travel down the right, as in right wing, side of the road most of the time.  I am a self proclaimed moderate conservative.  If this troubles you, don’t worry, it troubles some of my family members too.  The left side of my family  🙂

Me and my sister, on our way to see Bill Cosby.

Katie and I are totally the opposite.  My sister is no where even close in the vicinity to conservative.  Peace, love and happiness all the way for her.  Katie and Chris are total hippies.

At first I worried that Chris and I wouldn’t be able to bond.  Truthfully my sister and I have very little in common except our crazy Mom, who we love to torment, even now, and whom still loves to give us unsolicited advice pretty much on a daily basis.  She’s that Mom.  But we love her, dearly.   Katie and I have a childhood that bond us, even though most of the time in childhood we were at odds.  As we’ve gotten older we can appreciate each other in our differences.  

This Chris fellow though, I got nothin’.  I have no common ground.  For heaven sakes he’s a long haired hippie man, what am I going to do with this guy?  How will I ever bond with him?

Turns out that we have a common ground.  After getting past his initially off putting beard and long hair and tie-died, peace sign wearing, Bob Marley quoting self I was able to discover something.  


Chris with Suzie.  Their newest addition.

Chris is full of love.  He loves my sister.  And the first time I hugged Chris he hugged me like he meant it.  You know the kind of hugs that envelop you and you can feel the warmth of another human being and their kindness.  Not the cheesy one arm, I will hug you because I have to hug.  But the real hug.  Chris’ hugs say I love you and I care about you even if you don’t believe how I believe.

Over time Chris and I have become friends.  We tease each other most often, in a light hearted way.  We have nicknamed each other, can you guess???

He’s the “Hippie” and I’m the “Square”

Oh and he does have  job…  One that focuses on spreading love to other people.  He delivers Meals on Wheels to the elderly.  

Now I focus my energy on embracing Katie and Chris for who they really are when I am around them.  I love them both.  I learn from them when I am around them.  I learn that Love conquers all boundaries and that it tears down all walls.  Love can always reach across any party line or difference.  At the end of the day, we all have to remember that Love is what makes us human, and separates us from evil.  They are both full of love.

Katie and Chris are getting married in May.  We’ve started coming up with bohemian wedding ideas and scouring Pinterest for ideas.  If you have a wedding idea you’d like to share with us please leave me a comment or email me 🙂

Here is a centerpiece we found on Pinterest that we are thinking will be perfect.  Katie loved it.  They are getting married outside under an old oak tree at my grandparents house.

Here is their Pinterest Board if you want to follow it:

I will be using this hashtag #luvinwendysfamily, so if you search #luvinwendysfamily you will be able to follow me in different social medias with that hashtag.

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3 thoughts on “The Hippie & The Square”

  1. That is beautiful! I love you so much… You’re basically the best big sister a girl could ask for. Even if you are a right winger! ��

  2. This entry was the absolute BEST way to start my day!! It is so refreshing and freeing to accept each others differences and not require assimilation before acceptance. Thank you for sharing and for giving me something meaningful to think about this morning! Love you Chris, Katie, Kids and (soon to be cousin in-law) Wendy.


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