The Hubs Makes Me Chubs…

These chocolate chip cookies are the reason I cannot lose weight.  They are the root of all diet messing up evil.  These cookies are FAMOUS around my friends and family.  My husband makes these cookies and they are his Mom’s secret recipe as well.  Well they are secret until today.  I want you to enjoy these cookies as well.  I am telling you they are mouth watering.

The hubs and the kiddo make these cookies together and I can’t stay out of them.  I think between me and the hub, the kid, and our friends Katina and her husband we ate like 3 dozen in two days.  Yep that’s disgusting.  But I did.  I ate them faster than a jack rabbit on a date.

Here is the recipe.  Click to download and print. 
 Kevin’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

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