The Power Incident in California

Hey peeps!

It’s likely to be Monday before you see anything or hear from me again. The power has been out close to 48 hours.

Not only is the power out, my cell service is barely working.

I am currently sitting at a Starbucks on their WIFI about 30 minutes away from my home to get a message to you.

Posting on Facebook when my cell will connect long enough.

We are safe and making the best out of a not ideal situation. Like my husband said, FIRST WORLD PROBLEM.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. We are all screwed if we lose power for more than about 48 hours
  2. Everyone should own a generator (buying one as soon as they are back in stock)
  3. Everyone should own a battery operated radio, so that you can still hear what’s happening. With no cell service you can’t get news updates on your phone.
  4. It is wise to have large gallons of bottled water on hand at all times
  5. If Starbucks goes away we are all screwed.
  6. Crafting can commence even without power during the day. Which is WONDERFUL.
  7. Children actually CAN play and laugh and have fun outside – they are shocked too.
  8. Keep a stock on hand of candles both real and battery operated.
  9. Enjoy the quiet and the disconnect. It’s rejuvenating. Maybe I’ll have a power free day once a month!

LUV you all….. thanks for your patience. I have cool videos sitting on dock for you but I have no way to edit and upload them.

8 thoughts on “The Power Incident in California”

  1. I so enjoy all your posts. Thank you so much for sharing. Hang in there during the power shortage. Hope it comes back on sooner rather than later. We live in unusual times. God Bless you and your family.

  2. Hang in there Wendy! Love the upsides to losing power that you posted! We have everything on the check list due to living on the east coast and anticipating bad storms that knock the power out. Except when they happen in the winter it’s not as much fun! We got a generator after 24 hours without power during one storm that storm left us with a week without power! Good luck!

  3. Love this line: “Children actually CAN play and laugh and have fun outside – they are shocked too.” LOL!!! I might have to start a power free day myself as well!!! Enjoy your quiet crafty time! Hope the power comes back on soon!

  4. Bless your heart I am just now reading this post. Yes store you some water and get a generator and use it only if necessary so you can take advantage of the kids playing outside. God Bless


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