Things You Might Not Know About Stampin’ UP Stamps

Stampin’ UP! makes beautiful stamps that appeal to several crafting styles. Your first step in creating gorgeous hand-stamped cards is to have high-quality stamps.

Why does the quality of the stamp make a difference?

So glad you asked. Poor quality stamps have a tendency to have smudgy stamp lines change color as they age, and the product can even begin breaking down.

Stampin’ UP stamps are stored in cases that remind me of a DVD case, do you remember those days? When we actually used DVD’s.

The shelves I store my stamp sets on were custom-made by a carpenter friend, Ken. He’s no longer with us, and I’m so happy I have these shelves he made. I will use them forever.

Stampin’ UP! offers two kinds of stamps.

The first is a red rubber cling stamp. Red rubber stamps are fantastic for clean crisp thin lines. I have never stamped with a red rubber stamp that I couldn’t achieve a perfect image. Of course, as long as you aren’t pushing down on them like you’re trying to perform CPR.

One of the things I have learned is a slightly firm and consistent pressure is perfect, and if you mess up, you always have the other side of the paper.

Here I am in Kanab Utah many moons ago with long hair and an extra few pounds learning how Stampin’ UP! stamps are manufactured. The bits I’m standing in are leftover pieces of rubber that Stampin’ UP! then takes to a local park for it to use as its soft floor under the swings and slide. Pretty cool way to recycle these leftovers.

This was the park in Kanab that had all the fun rubber chips on the ground. This is me, Katina Martinez, and Patty Bennett thinking we are kids again. It was a really fun day being ushered around by Stampin’ UP! and getting to learn about and meet the people who actually make our stamps.

Stampin’ UP! also make photopolymer stamps. These stamps are really incredible. The are made clear so you can see right through as your stamping.

These are great option for layering stamped images.

As you can see below there is some staining on these photopolymer stamps. That’s ok, a high quality photopolymer will stain. If it doesn’t stain you know the product isn’t as high of quality.

Photopolymer stamps are also easy to manipulate. You can curve them and make the image a different shape.

Hopefully after watching today’s video you have learned a few things you may not have known about stamps.

If you have any questions for me please drop it in the comments below. I would love to help.

If you need to purchase stamps or stamping supplies please visit my online store by clicking here.

Don’t forget when you spend $50 you get a free purple pack from and I’ll make a $5 donation to the Alzheimers Association on your behalf.

5 thoughts on “Things You Might Not Know About Stampin’ UP Stamps”

  1. OH, Kanab. How wonderful.
    (1) Kanab has the so wonderful lodging owned by a wonderful dog rescue group. the rooms are ‘pets first’. Oh what yum”
    (2) In the old days, when hunting was for food and an acceptable activity the Kanab was my grandpa and friends ‘go to place’. I used to collect fall leaves in the area.
    (3) I am sooo glad that Stampin Up has demonstrated a sound loyalty to Kanab!

    Kanab is always in my heart.

  2. Wendy, thank you so much for taking time to explain the stamps. Very informative and I like the tips and tricks. Keeping them coming. Have a great day and continue to do your walking 💓💓💓

  3. Hi your comment about if it doesn’t stain then it’s not high quality should be removed. If you notice the darker inks stain the stamps . Otherwise all of your photopolymer stamps should be stained because the stamps are good quality right? I have found using reds /berry colors always stain my stamps but my lighter colors do not. I love my Stampin’Up! photopolymers.


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