This 1 Thing Got My Husband On Board with My Stampin’ UP! Business

When I started my Stampin’ UP! journey we were broke.

I left my corporate job and was staying home with our new baby.

18 months after having our precious gem, I was ready to go insane and decided to purchase the Stampin’ UP! starter kit.

At first, my motives were simply to get a discount on the products so I could keep scrapbooking.

After about 6 months or so I decided maybe I should have a few friends over to stamp, I had never stamped and thought it would be fun.

They came over, asked for catalogs and they ordered $250 in products.  That was it.  I made $50 that night and it felt like I had hit the jackpot.

$50 is a lot of money when you’re broke.

Fast forward 8 years later and so much has changed.  That 18 month old is now 10 and my business is thriving and so is our little family.

But that doesn’t mean the years in between didn’t have their struggles.

My husband was continually frustrated with me spending money on Stampin’ UP! products when we were so broke (sound familiar?) HAHA!

He also wasn’t a big fan of having to tend to our daughter at night and on the weekends after he had worked all day.

As I’ve shared before, Ronda Wade, is my mentor.  I can remember about a year or so into my business I called her crying.

I was desperate for support at home, because the hubby just couldn’t make the connection on how this “little thing” I was doing was ever going to be profitable.

Ronda said to me, “You’re not alone.  My hubby and I struggled too in the beginning of my business. Here’s what you need to do.”

+ Set a schedule that works for him too.  So he’s not always on dad duty after he’s worked all day and so he has time with you.

+ Set a budget for spending money on new products


You see, he needed to  makes the connection between me having a class and cash in his pocket.  When he saw that it was positively benefiting our family he began to change.

Boy was she right.

I started giving him $10 or $20 here and there after I had events.

Then the big thing happened.  All the stars aligned and all my hard work paid off.

I earned a $7,000 bonus and it was the same summer that our refrigerator and our cook stove went out.  In a months time we had to replace both of those and we had the cash to do it.

From that time forward he was on board.

So much so that for a few years he helped me with my business.  He cut stuff, helped me package catalogs and kits.

It wasn’t until he got a new job that was super demanding with night school and stuff that he quit helping.  But by then I was able to afford to hire someone.  That’s when Sister started working for me.

4 thoughts on “This 1 Thing Got My Husband On Board with My Stampin’ UP! Business”

  1. Thank you Wendy! I also hate when men say they are “babysitting” their own children. Thanks for your video!

  2. What a wonderful video, Wendy. Your personal story really resonated with me and gave me a lot to think about.
    I’m so grateful for your honesty. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! My husband thinks I’m too old to do this? I can clean, go laces with him, do things as a couple, but, I’m too old to sell Su! To be quite honest, I may be! I’m 68. I don’t feel old, people tell me all the time, I don’t look old. But, that’s what he thinks. He works afternoons, not a great shift, but someone has to work it. so, working nights is ok for me. He just doesn’t believe I can do it! Any suggestions would be helpful I really want to do SU! not as a full-time hobby, but as a business. I started SU! with the intention of doing classes to pay for my products. That hasn’t happened! But, I know I have to change my mindset abut that, now.. Thank you for sharing yours and Rhonda’s story with your husbands, that gives me a place to start the conversion.

    • Hi Gloria,
      First of all I don’t think you are too old. Honestly there was an 80 year old woman on the Greek Isles Cruise that we all just attended. She earned the trip and took a friend. So age is a mindset. You will have to decide if you want this and then have a real heart to hear tight your hubby. More demonstrators than not are in their 60’s I am actually the odd man out when on a trip. Or among the top 100 in the company, most are in their 50’s +
      So age isn’t an issue here however I would never encourage anyone to have discord in their marriage to pursue something. If it will cause serious problems then I would want to address those.
      Hugs & Good Luck


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