Tips To Make Your Craft Space Function Better

craft room organizations luvin stampin wendy cranford

No matter how often I think that I am finished improving my craft space, I find something new that needs tweaking.

Usually it’s simple changes that I find make the biggest difference.

I am all about convenience.  I like stuff close to me so I don’t have to walk to get something I would use all the time.  I know that sounds lazy, but really it is time efficiency.  That’s how I am selling it anyway.

I have a few tips to help your craft space be more functional.

1} Use a small can or cup to hold your supplies that you use constantly.  Like scissors, bone folder, glue bottle, piercing tool.  I keep these things on this bar that I got at IKEA.  It has 4 buckets that I can organize tools in that I want close by.

craft room organizations luvin stampin wendy cranford

2} If you are right handed put your most used stuff to the right side of you.  I am right handed.  All of my punches, ink pads, and some of my markers are stored to the right of me.  I don’t think I could function if it was any other way.

craft room organizations luvin stampin wendy cranford

craft room organizations luvin stampin wendy cranford

3} Lighting is super important to me.  I like to make sure that when I am crafting I can see what I am doing and that I can see my colors.  All the bulbs in my craft room are DayLight Bulbs.  They aren’t cheap but they are worth it.  You can get them at Lowe’s.

4} A TV, an iPad or your phone.  I think every craft space functions better with entertainment.  I love watching TV or a movie while I am crafting.  I usually put on something that I don’t REALLY have to pay close attention to.  So I am going to give you my list of these types of shows.  If you don’t have Netflix you should get it.  It’s awesome and inexpensive and you can watch it anywhere.

craft room organizations luvin stampin wendy cranford

I hope that this helps you get some crafty mojo going and gives you a few ideas on how you can function better in your craft space.

Leave me a comment with your favorite TV show or movie to watch while you craft.  I am always looking for something new to watch.

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