Tips Tricks and Techniques #2 Stampin’ Scrubber

The Stampin’ Scrubber is one of the best tools I have in my “arsenal”.  I love it.  WAY back in 2010 when I became a Stampin’ UP! Demonstrator there were no Stampin’ Scrubbers.  They were reinventing them.  Stampin’ UP! sent us a message saying just use baby wipes for now.  They are safe and won’t hurt your stamps.  Well I did that.  And I kept with that.  I just used baby wipes for probably 2 years.  I saw no need to change.  I would get really aggravated with the little lint stuff that would stick on my stamps from the baby wipes.  Finally I decided I need to try the scrubber.  HEAVEN!  Totally changed my whole Stamping world.  It’s so much nicer to use and cleans my stamps so well.  
No more lint balls .. LOL

Here is a video on my Stampin Scrubber and how awesome it is. There’s a little tip on making your Stampin’ Mist go further also.

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