True Love

Today I have a TRUE LOVE story for you.  Gramma and Grampa met in 1947 and were married in 1948.  They have lived a long and happy life together.  They will be married 65 years this year.  Most of what I have learned about love I have learned from God and my grandparents.  They are amazing people and their love is undying and unconditional.  Not just for each other but for all their family. 
My sweet Grampa took the time to humor me and make a guy card with our new Dude, You’re Welcome kit.  He will be 90 years old this August.  He’s amazing.  The video is quite long and will require patience to watch it through.  But I did not have the heart to edit it, as I know it will be something I treasure forever.  
Watch the video here:

He stamped Thank You then he wrote:

“For being my love all of these years.  Happy Valentines Day.  Love You Mack.”

Not a dry eye in the house!?  I should say not!
Come back tomorrow, I will be doing the drawing for the free stamp pads!
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8 thoughts on “True Love”

  1. How lucky you are to have grand parents! This was a wonderful video and when you watch it years from now, you will be so glad that you had your Grandpa make this. Wish then Happy Anniversary for me..


  2. Oh Wendy, this is just tooo sweet! Considering his age, he did a great job…and am sure that whatever he did/does, your grandmother will love it to pieces! Sixty five years…makes our 42 years pale in comparison….but hope we can make it to 60! Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with your grandfather!!!

  3. I saw this video on youtube this morning. How sweet!! Made me think of my grandpa and what he would do if I asked him to do this. Oh, how I miss him!! What a great video to keep for ever!!

  4. Hello. You re so lucky to have your grandpa make him for me a big kiss from France(in the south near Toulouse)
    It is a very nice video for a saint valentin’ day
    Excuse for my english have a nice day and thanks for your blog


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